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1. Where is my character?
In the city of Purgatorium. It is not a happy place to be; the streets are empty, the décor bland and the town itself borders on flat out darkness. There is nothing remarkable about Purgatorium; it is meant to increase madness with its nothingness.

2. Why is my character there?
All are sent to Purgatorium in order to redeem themselves for past transgressions. It matters not whether they are already dead or still alive--if their sins have caught the eyes of the Powers that Be, then they are brought to the despairing city to stay until they have earned forgiveness.

3. Can my character leave?
Not until they have redeemed themselves in the eyes of the gods. Attempts prior to that are fruitless; magical barriers block any possible exit.

4. Can my character die?
Yes. Being in Purgatorium does not mean they are immortal; all inhabitants are fully capable of dying. If you die, the first time -- you must remain dead for 3 days. A second time, you would add two days onto the original penalty, so five days. And etcetera. They can come back after that point, but will find that they are then missing a memory from their past. Every time they die, they shall come back and shall lose another part of their memory, until they forget everything and know only Purgatorium. Note: These 'memories' are memories of their time before Purgatorium.

5. Will my character know why they are here?
Yes. Upon arriving in Purgatorium, they will find themselves in a temple, tended by Alma, a Prophetess. She is a kind and somewhat gentle sort, and she'll explain the whole of Purgatorium to them. The nature of their Sin, however, may or may not be within Alma's scope of understanding. It is up to you, as the player, to decide if she knows and can tell your character. Alternately your character may speak to Orion, although the same rules apply.

6. Who is doing this?
It's a mystery. It seems to be a combination of the Goddess' tendency to punish those who do wrong and acts of the world of Purgatorium itself. The Gods have changed several times, and they seem to be chosen by the world. As of the New Year, the usual Gods are not present, though there is a presence watching over the people of Purgatorium who is akin to a parent. This is not a God, though-- something more of a Celestial Babysitter, it seems. The Presence itself cannot speak directly to anyone but its Prophet-- in this case, Alma Kavanaugh, and Orion Luis who are living within the Temple itself and maintaining the altars.

7. Why are there some with only minor sins present, whilst others with greater sins are not in the city? The Gods do not choose based upon the weight of the sin, but rather who they think would fare most interestingly within the city. This sometimes means that those with only slight sins find themselves in Purgatorium.

8. What can my character expect in the Purgatorium?
To struggle. Purgatorium is not a paradise; they will not find things easily. The city itself houses only the bare necessities to keep a person alive, so everything else will have to be found, created or otherwise obtained. (To clarify: please don't think your character can just come in and not have to worry about finding work, food or shelter. Such things are not offered freely and must be obtained through hard work.) A character can ask the Altar for non-food items, but there is a distinct chance they won't receive it unless they have lived in Purgatorium a while and have been living a good life.

9. Is [insert currency here] accepted in Purgatorium?
No. Any money from any world brought into the city is completely worthless and thus everyone starts out broke. If you want your character to have money, they will have to get some sort of job and earn it.

10. What is the city like?
If you have any questions about locations and the layout of Purgatorium, please ask a mod. A new map is in the works, but until then there are old maps and descriptions to go on.

Purgatorium is separated into two sections: the ground level and the upper level. All characters will first arrive in the ground level; it is a dirty, rotting place that contains next to nothing. The upper level is a better; it possesses running water, electricity, nicer homes, light, and things the lower level lacks. One can live a relatively normal life on the upper level. The lower level has no light what so ever. The only buildings that have light are those places of business that have earned it and pay the Gods monthly for it. Note: Due to in-game improvements, the lower level now has bath houses (for a fee), and some of the homes have been reconstructed with wood-burning fireplaces and to provide better shelter.

There is, however, one temple of white stone in the east.

There is a statue in the front of a woman holding a jar, continuously pouring water. It's clean water and is there for drinking; however, depending on your progress, you might or might not want to. Those who are living basically good lives will find it tastes sweet and clear and cold; for those who are not, however, it is bitter and kind of mucky-warm. It will keep you from dying of thirst, but it tastes terrible.

Within the temple, incense burns. There is an altar for prayer and offerings, surrounded by out-of-season flowers; those who leave offerings or heartfelt prayers (to whomever they wish; the Presence to which this temple is consecrated is all-purpose and will pass on wishes to other gods) and reasonable requests for things other than food and the like may find their request when they return home, if they have been good enough. If not, however, there'll be nothing but a small flower.

Tending the altar is Alma, in simple dark blue robes; she is friendly, but your characters (particularly those who know her somewhat), will notice she is kind of distracted, as if she is hearing someone's instructions. Whose, she can't say.

For the cold weather, anyone is welcome to take shelter in the Temple for up to a week; it isn't particularly comfortable, as it's made of stone, but it's warm. Any new characters will spawn within the temple, where Alma or Orion - based on player's choice - will explain the basics of Purgatorium to them. They have a week to find housing; if they drag on longer than that week, they will find that though they are tired, they will be unable to sleep at all in the temple. Once two weeks have passed, they'll find they can't enter at all past sundown. This will last for two weeks before they can enter again.

11. How does my character move from the lower level of the city to the upper level?
1.) They must have resided in Purgatorium for at least a month. 2.) Your character must have a job of some sort; while it's sort of every man for himself on the lower level as far as housing goes, you will be required to pay rent in the upper level, or risk being kicked out. 3.) You must be working on your sin, so to speak; or, at the very least, you must be showing a significant attempt to live a happy life in Purg. All caught trying to sneak their way into the upper level will be immediately returned to the lower level and banned from consideration for moving up for a period of time that will be determined by the Gods. This also applies to powers, as mentioned in FAQ points 13. and 14.
(To apply or see a current list of upper level residents, please go here!)

12. What about health care?
There are both doctors and medicines available in the upper level, but neither of these come cheaply. Even your average pain reliever will cost your character a fair amount of money. The only available health care in the lower level is that set up by doctors who have also ended up in Purgatorium, and the care they are able to offer is extremely limited.

13. My character has [insert magical ability here]. Can s/he use them in Purgatorium?
No. All powers are restricted until after a month, and after that month, they are still much more draining to use. Obviously, we reserve the right to slap you upside the head and tell you your character is being too powerful. Think of it like... magic is triple MP cost for maybe 3/4ths the power. Please refer to FAQ point 11. to see how characters get their powers back.

14. My character has [insert non-magical ability here]. Can s/he use them in Purgatorium?
No. All powers are restricted until after a month, and after that month, they are still much more draining to use. Obviously, we reserve the right to slap you upside the head and tell you your character is being too powerful. Think of it like... magic is triple MP cost for maybe 3/4ths the power. Please refer to FAQ point 11. to see how characters get their powers back.

Note on powers; Anything that would remain would be a power that can be considered more of a hindrance. You will have nothing that remains to be a help to your character. Weapons WILL be taken away until they have upper level access. They may find someone to PURCHASE A WEAPON for them, but it will not be the one from home; and of lesser quality.

If you have a question this, feel free to ask.

15. My character suffers from [insert disease/disability/injury here]. Will s/he still have it in Purgatorium?
In most instances, yes. As long as it is not immediately life threatening or would prevent them from suffering, then their problem will remain. (Examples of things that would be healed before entering Purgatorium include: fatal wounds received prior to entering and the inability to feel pain.) However, for all disabilities that remain, such as blindness, inability to walk, or deafness, there are cures that can be found in the upper levels of the city. (Note: CURES ARE COSTLY. Please consult with a moderator before considering this.)

16. Are there monsters in the city?
In the lower level, monsters are quite common. In the upper level, monsters are quite rare and strong, but those that can be found and defeated will leave items for their slayer(s) that can be sold at very high prices. In both cases, the monsters are simply ones taken from other worlds, so don't be surprised if your character encounters a familiar foe. Monsters are also one of the few things available for lower level residents to eat, most of them don't taste very good but they will sustain a character and can be seasoned if you have friends that can purchase things from the upper level to help.

17. What is time/day system like?
It is your average schedule; twenty-four hours in a day, half of which is light and half of which is dark. Please note, however, that daytime in the lower level is still extremely dark--you want sunshine, you must reach the upper level. (Also, it is to be noted that Purgatorium has all four seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter.) Also, everyone is on the same schedule, Purgatorium runs on EST time, so please try to keep that in mind when posting.

18. What kind of work can be obtained in the lower levels?
The most available work is maintenance--helping rebuild houses and fixing things enough so that they don't completely fall apart. There is also the option of working in any of the shops--the shops in the lower level are basic; you can buy food, but not the already prepared sort and you can buy material for clothes, but not pre-made clothes and such on. Another option is to join the guard--that which roams the lower levels, defeating monsters and making sure that rules are not broken. Lastly, your character can simply settle for doing odd jobs required by other characters.

A list of character run jobs that are always hiring is here.

19. Can my character start their own company?
Yes! Citizens of both the lower level and the upper level are welcomed to start their own organization. And, so long as it's something for the betterment of the city, the Gods will even help out. The deal offered to such citizens is always the same: the Gods will provide what is absolutely necessary to get started (not what will make it fun or easy) in exchange for payment once money starts to come in. (And, once the character has shown they will stick with their business and are making a profit, the Gods will be more lenient in what they will offer, so long as they are still paid back.)

20. How do the characters communicate within Purgatorium?
There are computers set up throughout the city for free use by all. They come equipped only with the journalling system and PIMP [the IM service of Purgatorium].

21. What is the journalling system like?
Like Livejournal, I would imagine, only limited to people in Purgatorium. This means that, yes, others can see your user pics when posting. All journal entries are generally written out, but they may also be turned into voice posts. If you wish to do this, simply put 'Voice Post' or some such in your subject line. [there is currently a method for those who are blind to be able to have the text read to them]. There is no Video Post option, if there was in the past it is gone now and has been for awhile. Voice, and Text posts only.

22 How does my character post to the system, and how can everyone understand each other?

ON HANDICAPS: The network can translate, so that characters who are blind can make a text post by speaking into the system and have text posts read out loud to them by the system. Similarly, characters who are mute/deaf can make voice posts with an option that reads what they type. SO EVERYONE CAN READ/HEAR/INTERPRET A POST, REGARDLESS OF HOW IT'S POSTED.

ON LANGUAGE: If you have the intent and knowledge that Purg can auto-translate your language for others, it happens automatically.

In other words, if you post publicly with the intent of sharing with the community at large, and know that Purg translates what you say - your words will be translated. There is an option not to translate, and in the case of de-aging plots, confused new arrivals, or certain other situations where characters are too stressed/confused to realize it, their words may or may not be translated at player's discretion.

23. I play Character A. Character B and C have a conversation marked as private and unhackable in my journal. Can I, as the journal owner, still view it?

On the journals, security -- > an example:
Hallelujah makes a post.
Grimmjow comments.
Viral makes a private//unhackable comment to Grimmjow.
Grimmjow makes a private//unhackable comment back.

The owner of the post, in this case Hallelujah, may be able to see these comments. So, use discretion when making comment threads of this nature.

Although we'd prefer people not spam other's journals with private messages to someone else. Take it to your own journal or PIMP.

Also, please keep in mind that if something is listed as private//unhackable in your character's journal, it's still common courtesy OOCly to get permission before your character hacks that thread.

24. Can characters ban other characters from reading their entries?
You can not block/put someone on ignore. Ever. From commenting on an entry. Really, if your character can't stand them and it's IC to do so, just ignore them. You can filter things to or from certain characters, but anything posted publicly or without a specific filter can be seen by everyone, no exceptions.

25. There's an IC chat?

Yes. Chat is considered canon-ish. It is meant for characters to take time out relaxing away from the day to day crazy, and while there is crazy stuff going on in there~ everyone is really good about behaving IC, so we'll keep it that way. Just remember, ic-chat =/= ic-crack.

Some functions on it are: away/idle, personal, community chat. Also there's a voice function, chat works similarly to the journaling system in that regard.

You can not block, ignore, or any of the advanced functions, if you're in chat everyone can see your character in chat, and see everything they are saying - whether or not they recognize them is up to the players.

Private conversations should be taken out of chat to the private messaging system or a journal entry.

26. Why can't my character find the shops in the lower level?
Possibly because the location of the shops change from time to time. It will be in one area one moment and in another the next. Please note that the time frame for this is entirely random and unpredictable. Also note that only the NPC shops relocate randomly, usually - shops created by characters remain in one place unless the entire terrain of Purg has changed. If you're curious to know if your character can find something in a shop, please ask.

27. My character is redeemed and no longer commits their sin. Does this mean I have to drop him/her?
No. Characters who have totally redeemed themselves may earn keys that will let them into a much more pleasant afterlife. If you wish to drop them, this is where they will be considered to go; otherwise, it is their choice to stay in Purgatorium or leave. (Characters who do not have keys/are not redeemed but who disappear are simply to be considered to have been sent somewhere else by Purgatory itself, out of control of the Presence or other gods).

28. Keys?
Keys are items earned during events to characters who have redeemed themselves from sin and who choose to remain in Purgatorium nevertheless. They give a variety of small bonuses to the holders and can be used to unlock the gate into Paradise, which is in front of the Clock Tower; by doing this, a character is essentially completed. They do not have to use the keys if they still wish to reside in Purgatorium.

29. Can a character return from Paradise, then?
Yes, if they begin to act out, but it's generally better to reset a character if you decide you want to bring them back. (The same character picked up by another player will be considered a different instance).

30. Will there be events in Purgatorium?
From time to time, there will be events within the city, both mod and player run, depending on the event and who comes up with it. Everyone will be told of them well ahead of time, so that all can prepare. Please note that participating in these events is entirely optional. If you don't want your character to get involved in something, then you don't have to.

31. What kind of events can we expect in Purgatorium?
If anyone is curious about past events, a WIP Event List is here.

32. Is there a list of wanted characters I might check to see if I'm interested in any of them?
Yes, you happen to be so lucky that a fellow resident asked for one to be created! And here it is! You can come here to check the list or ask for someone to be in it, as well.

33. Is there a limit to how many characters I can play?
We currently have no limit on the number of characters a person may apply for and play, nor do we have any plans on ever enforcing such a rule. Some people simply have the time to play ten characters, while others can only handle one or two; so long as you're active with them, we don't care. :) Please note, there are rules to having more than one character; you can find those rules on the Application Page.

34. What are the rules regarding going on hiatus?
We understand that life happens (holidays, finals, peak seasons at work, emergencies, burnout, NaNo, etc.) that people just get busy and RP is a low priority. Should such a situation arise, you're more than welcome to take a hiatus as opposed to dropping completely. Notes on hiatuses can be found on the Hiatus Page. Please pay careful attention to those rules; failure to follow some of them could accidentally get your characters kicked.

35. My character was kicked for inactivity!! May I reapply for him/her?
Yes, however, you must wait two weeks before reapplying. This is to give someone else a chance to app for them. If the same character gets kicked for inactivity twice, you will not be allowed to reapply a third time.

36. Am I allowed to apply for two characters in the same fandom?
This is another rule that we do not have. If you wish to take up two or more characters from any given series, we're totally cool with that. However, do not make a habit of playing with yourself all of the time. It is of course acceptable to do it when it's necessary for plot, and for them to mention one another, if necessitated. Frequently talking to yourself is not.

37. What about applying for original characters?
OCs are allowed, but we're a bit stricter with their applications. Any notice of god-modding or mary-sue'ing and we will reject them. If your OC is somehow related to a fandom (ie: OC is from the FF7 fandom and resides in Midgar), you may not have them be related in any way to a canon character. No Sephiroth's daughter, no Cloud's long-lost-sister, no Vincent's cousin's-sister's-dog's-husband's-roommate. They may reside in towns within that canon, and even have heard of those canon characters, but are not permitted to be related or alter the history of canon in any way.

38. I dropped a character, and decided I want them back. Do I need to reapply?
Yes, but it's acceptable to simply re-paste your application; if it was acceptable once, it is likely it will be acceptable again. (However, this does not mean automatic acceptance, as sometimes the guidelines do change).

39. My old application disappeared off of the applications page!
This likely happened because you dropped the character and we did a clean-up sweep of the applications page. It gets massive very quickly, so once in awhile, the mods go through and delete the apps of any characters no longer in the game.

40. a) How come I can't post tags in the log community for my character?
Only mods can edit or add tags. If you want any new tags for entries post a comment here.
b) There IS a PIMP tag for anyone Instant Message communication going on ICly. It will have anything pertaining to the PURGATORIUM INSTANT MESSAGING PROGRAM. PIMP.

41. I don't like the plots or want to see something done in Purg. who do I talk to about that?
A post to request or suggest plot ideas is here.
Comments are screened so keep that in mind when replying, anything you might have posted before will be invisible to you if you're looking at the entry from a different journal.

This post is for suggesting mod run plots, although if you have an idea for a plot that you'd like to handle yourself you can post it there with an estimated date of when you want to get it done. Any plot questions that aren't answered here go to Ed.

Last Revised: May 15, 2009

If you have a question that is not listed on the FAQ, please comment here with it and we shall address it as soon as possible (please give up to one week for moderator discussion).
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