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Please keep in mind applications do take about a week to process.

This is the place for you to apply for your characters. Before applying, please, make sure your character is not yet taken and is also not on the reserved list.

After this, if the character you want is free, please, provide us the information we ask on the following format:

If you are re-apping a character that was previously in Purg, please let the mods know that in the friends add post.
This is just to assure that your character's journal is taken out of the friend remove list, and there's no confusion.

✘ An application is meant to give us a clear representation of your character. We will reject them if we do not feel this representation is clear.
✘ We cannot get a clear representation of your character if your post is the same as everyone else's. Make your application stand out. "Where am I?" is not likely going to tell us much more than that your character is in a strange place. Listing off canonmates is going to give us the same reaction. Show me how your character is different from others in how they handle it. I may ask you to rewrite your samples if all I am getting is "Where am I?" from you, depending on strength of the application's other sections.
✘ Sample posts and entries are NOT REQUIRED TO BE YOUR FIRST POST. You can pretend in them your character has been here a few days, and that they're getting adjusted. Remember, there are monsters, there're creatures; the entire place is dark and wet. Everyone is going to react and behave differently in a place. Life is hard.
✘ The personality section is really one of the most important parts of your application in getting a feel for the fact that you understand your character. We will ask you to rewrite them if I feel like they're lacking.
✘ PLEASE comment on the Reserves post with a link to your application.

✘ Characters from books
✘ Characters from manga/comics
✘ Characters that are your original creations
✘ Characters from television, movies, cartoons, or anime

✘ Duplicates of currently taken characters from different timelines/points in the series
✘ Non-fictional characters (celebrities, characters from reality tv, etc)
✘ Original characters that are related in any way to canon characters (Cloud's cousin, Ichigo's long-lost uncle, Sephiroth's childhood girlfriend, etc.)
✘ Original characters play too important a role in a canon setting (First Class SOLDIER, overly powerful beings, Gods, etc.)


ONE. We do not have a character limit in Purgatorium. However, once you reach five characters, things start to get a little tougher. Please note that after you reach the first five characters, you may only apply for one character a week after that.

TWO. Activity checks are performed on a biweekly basis. If your character has not updated within that two week period, they will be placed on them. From there, you have one week to update before your character is removed without notice. So please take notice and post hiatus if you think it will affect your activity on the activity checks.

Also note, if your character was on the last activity check, then you have to pass the next one before you can apply again. If your character is removed, you must wait two checks before you can apply again.

If you have any further questions, feel free to step over to the FAQ. More information on activity checks and hiatuses can be located there.

If you are accepted, please reply to the acceptance with your character’s journal.

Please follow ALL instructions in the acceptance note.

Thank you and have fun!


(as of 1/27/10)


If your application is posted for at least three days, and is not listed above contact Ed or Leah to be added.
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