Gods of Purgatorium (purgatorium_mod) wrote in apurgatorium,
Gods of Purgatorium


I. Use your common sense at all times.

II. Use proper grammar. Use the correct verb tenses on the correct entries. If you need, use spell check! It's a great invention. Obviously, we will take your characters way of speaking into consideration for entries.

III. Try to keep IC (in character) as much as you can. We know everyone has different views on the characters, but there is a LIMIT to how much you can differ from common sense. We understand characters will develop and change, but they should not be drastically different.

IV. Keep drama out of the OOC, all drama or problems should be taken to the mods at purg.mod@gmail.com and that's final. Personally, I'll delete drama educing OOC posts.

V. If too many people have a problem on the way you play a certain character we may ask you to try to change it. If you're not comfortable, than that may mean the character is not right for you, and you may have to drop. Keep note, we are not the IC police. If you have a problem with the way someone is played please tell us. Or tell them! (And we don't mean on roleplaysecrets; email, AIM, and other communication tools exist for a reason).

VI. Also, OOC (out of character) is different than IC, so, if, for some reason, you don’t feel comfortable with something OOC do NOT pass it to your character as well. Had a bad day? Everyone has those. Just please, don’t make your always happy-go-lucky character turn into a devil and destroy half of the place, will you?

VII. This also means, no godmodding or meta-gaming. For those who do not know what this is, godmodding is moving and doing things to someone else’s character without their agreement and meta-gaming is making your character know things that he would have no possibility of knowing just because it has been discussed OOC with you (the player). This also means that invading places without permission, not speaking with muns about situations, and not giving characters time to react. Everyone only has control over the characters they play and possibly NPCs. Also, please remember that everything posted on the networks is viewable by the Gods.

VIII. This community is not age rated, so everyone can join. However, remember to write all the warnings and ratings your logs have and keep everything maturely rated Friends Locked. Also, this community is het (male/female) and slash (male/male and female/female) friendly. If you do cannot stand this, then you might as well leave, now. This also means that consider your characters personality before jumping in relationships. Also, if you are under the age of eighteen, please do not participate in adult logs. If you are found to be under-age, all logs you participate in will be removed.

IX. Update at least every other week week. Activity checks take place every other week, and if you have been placed on one. However, this is a fast paced Roleplay. If you can't update more than that, it's best you probably not join.

X. There is no character limit. However, after five, you must wait one week before applying for a sixth. And it continues on from there.

Also, OCs are welcomed. They can be part of a fandom but not connected to anyone in that fandom. (For example, if you have an original character from the Final Fantasy 7 world, it can't be Cloud's son or Sephiroth's cousin or Red XIII's great grand son or Aeris' lost sister or something like that. It wouldn't be able to be part of the Turks or Avalanche either, just someone who was there, in one of the cities, or maybe even a SOLDIER, since you don't know much about them so there wouldn't be breaking canon.)

XI. To speak OOC, for introductions, hiatus notices or plot making, please go to purgatorium_ooc. For logs, go to purgatorium_log. For notices from the mods please check apurgatorium often.

XII. For more questions please check the FAQ and, if it still doesn’t help, contact a mod.

XIII. Have as much fun as you can and allow others to as well. After all, what is the point in RPing if not for fun?
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